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» New Things (forum!)

It's New Things Day!

1. The forum you've been voting on officially exists! You can find it here.

1a. Ask The Cast has relocated to the forum and is no longer on the FAQ page.

2. Surprisingly, I got an inquiry about how to send donations a little while back. Well, it is now possible. And you get a neat desktop wallpaper if you do!

Ooooo, shinies.

» Half Death on Facebook

You can now follow Half Death's updates on Facebook! Go on. I know you want to.

» Oh hey look, a FAQ!

There are a few different questions I've been hearing a lot of, so I figured I'd make a mini FAQ page for them. As always if you ever have any questions for me you can always PM me or shoot me an email at legolianm@gmail.com.

The Ask The Cast feature has also been relocated to the FAQ page. Please only use that feature for asking the characters questions! Asking me stuff through that just confuses me because I can't tell if you're talking to ME or if you just forgot to say which character you're talking to.

So yeah. To talk to me, send me an email/PM. To talk to a character go here.

» Holy crap new layout!

We have a new layout to celebrate the addition of Project Wonderful to the website!

Another new addition is the Extras page, which has all sorts of fun art in it.


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