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Figured I should answer some questions that seem to keep popping up in various places! If you have a question for me, feel free to email me at legolianm@gmail.com.

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Why do you keep switching between comic strips and full color pages?

I like drawing comic strips. They've always been my preferred method of doing comics. I'm a writer though and I like telling stories, and trying to tell a story through nothing but 3-4 panels of black and white is very limiting. I've started and stopped tons of comic ideas because either A) I'd planned it like a graphic novel and quickly became uninterested, or B) I'd planned it like a comic strip and had no space artistically for my plot.

The whole reason Half Death exists is because I said "Screw the rules, it's my comic I can do both." If I'd limited myself to one format or the other, I never would have kept up with it. If the colored pages bug you just pretend they're the Sunday funnies.

Vampires are so overdone! Why'd you pick this subject?

Ahahahahah I could write a novel on this. XD If I were to try to pick one thing that caused me to have to write a vampire comic, it would be this - Bella and Edward's honeymoon.

Yeah, I read the Twilight novels. I had a really boring week about a year ago where my computer didn't work right and I figured, what the hell, let's see what the hype is all about. During this week my roommate was subjected to me exploding out of my room every 5 minutes ranting about something ridiculous, and one of these rants basically went like this - How the hell did they have a child?? How do vampires even have sex?? They don't have warm blood (unless they just ate), they shouldn't be able to get it up at all let alone have children with their jizz that died 100 years ago!

It was all downhill after that. Everything I read or watched that involved vampires got me thinking about the various aspects of them that really just do not make sense. I started making a list (OCD habit, I make lists of everything) of vampire traits categorized by which ones did sound okay, and which ones were just absolutely fucking nuts. I researched vampire origins and tried to figure out where all of these traits began, and how various cultures view them. Yeah, I have a slightly obsessive personality.

In the end I looked at it all and pretty much said to myself, "Well damn, you've put this much effort into this silly vampire project, you might as well do something with it." And there you go.

TL;DR reason - I think too much about unimportant subjects.

Will there ever be sexual content in this comic?

NO. Not in the sense you're talking about anyways. The most that will ever happen is the hint that sex might've occurred, such as a character exiting another character's bedroom in the morning and the other characters making jokes about it, and this won't even happen until female characters exist, so stop worrying that my dudes are going to jump each other. There will never be porn in Half Death.

(There will be some minor romance, but it won't take center stage since I pretty much hate romance stories.)

Then why have you talked about rating the comic as Mature?

Because there's going to be some pretty awesome bloody violence in the future and I don't want moms going "Ohmygod what are you letting my 13-year-old read?!" That and I say fuck sometimes.

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