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98 - Puberty 101 July 12, 2010
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[Posted by LegolianM on July 11, 2010]

Continuing the ongoing saga of Darrell and the halted puberty.

I've been having to relearn a lot about this subject lately! Takes me back to the days of 5th grade sex ed, when I was far more curious about what was being taught in the OTHER class than my own.

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[Posted by MythLover on July 12, 2010]


Poor Darrel.

[Posted by peanutbutterpancakes on July 12, 2010]

Everyone wanted to know what was going on in the other class! Although my teacher told us that we were learning the same things but the boys would be dumb if they were with girls so we had to be separated. ^.^

[Posted by firewolf2007 on July 13, 2010]

OMG my friend was just reading me sat a few days ago to her little brother he freaked out lol well thats wat happenes when you tell a 5 year old child that

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