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97 - Anime Expo July 9, 2010
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[Posted by LegolianM on July 8, 2010]

Choosing the cosplay outfits was a really tough decision! Thanks to everyone who responded to the forum thread; you guys gave me some great options. He very nearly went as FFVIII's Irvine, but in the end Bleach won because it has more ladies with ridiculous cleavage.

I hope everyone at the con has a blast! I should see you there next year; I'm going to start saving up for it NOW so that I don't wind up missing out again due to finances.

(Note: Anime Expo was actually last week. You're seeing this comic a week late! For the latest updates, go here.)

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[Posted by godmoderncommander on July 9, 2010]

Nice choices. Especially on Rosalyn >:D.

[Posted by chibi-kiki on July 9, 2010]

OMG ANIME EXPO! wheeeee~~~

[Posted by Loonalily on July 9, 2010]

Oh hahaha! I love his expression in the last panel! xD

XD [Posted by Cursed-Kitten on July 16, 2010]

haha XD this made me laugh

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