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79 - Face May 21, 2010
Average rating: 5.00

[Posted by LegolianM on May 20, 2010]

"What face?"

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on May 21, 2010]

The talking pair of boobs has a face? o_o

[Posted by godmoderncommander on May 21, 2010]

She doesn't know that guys always looks at the chest at first.

[Posted by araime (Guest) on May 21, 2010]

"o.m.g! two talkin boobs"
"look higher idiot"
Heh heh lol

[Posted by dark kitten (Guest) on May 21, 2010]

see, the thing is to say, "Hi, yes they are nice. Now, what color are my eyes?"

there are pins out there that say these things for us female types to pin on our shirts on out chest! mostly for the bodice wearing types from renn faires, but still. xD

[Posted by GoldenGal42 on May 21, 2010]

I wonder when this joke will ever get old. XD

[Posted by StellaCadente on May 21, 2010]

Hehehe! That's just so like a guy! This one made me laugh hard!

dark kitten, wiat, WHAT?! [Posted by ASP (Guest) on May 21, 2010]

uhm, no offense, but wouldn't the button just draw MORE attention to a girl's chest as ppl would want to read it? i kno i like reading the stuff written on ppl's clothing

That's a very good point. [Posted by LilyFire on May 21, 2010]

I definitely stare at boobs more if there's words on them.

However, I'd trade some staring for a snarky button any day. :) I love me some snarky buttons.

Poor Darell, overcome by Rosalyn's sheer womanlyness.

[Posted by sharpilyteeth on May 21, 2010]

win & awesome.

:D [Posted by Rio210 on May 21, 2010]

Don't worry, I think I'd stare at them, too. :D

[Posted by Mike (Guest) on May 21, 2010]

Rosalyn: Look at my face!
Darrel: Give me two reasons to do so.
Rosalyn: Two reasons?
Darrel: Yeah, 'cause right now I see two reasons not to look at your face.

[Posted by Maiumaora on May 21, 2010]

pfffft xDD

Hmmm... [Posted by Crymsm (Guest) on May 22, 2010]

With the pin thing someone might not be able to read it and want to get a closer look *zooms in on boobage area*

[Posted by LegolianM on May 22, 2010]

Yeah, stuff on the shirt always makes me look there to see what it is. If you REALLY want their eyes to look up, wear a totally plain, boring shirt and do something crazy with your hair.

Mike - That's hilarious. XD

it logged me out D: [Posted by Fluff (Guest) on May 23, 2010]

Hello talking cleavage!
i love her expression
i love his expression!


So.... [Posted by LilyFire on May 23, 2010]

That either means I don't have this problem because
a) my chest isn't interesting enough or
b) my hair is just that awesome

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on May 23, 2010]

I don't have this problem.
I'm gonna just keep thinking it's cause my hair rocks CAUSE IT DOES.

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