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78 - Extreme TV May 19, 2010
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[Posted by LegolianM on May 18, 2010]

Being the only sober person is always really entertaining.

[Posted by Advertisement on November 20, 2019]


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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on May 19, 2010]

Pfft. And you said there would be no BL. ^.~

[Posted by godmoderncommander on May 19, 2010]

Julian might make a move and try to get laid.

[Posted by llamakid on May 19, 2010]


[Posted by Lasse on May 19, 2010]


wut [Posted by sleepy_pirate on May 19, 2010]

A guy says he loves you, and THAT'S your reaction? I don't care if he's obviously tanked- that should still be a bit alarming!

[Posted by StupidSceneKid on May 19, 2010]

isn't usually when you're drunk you speak the truth...

making some small hope for the yaoi fangirls/boys, I see

tsk tsk tsk

[Posted by Guest on May 19, 2010]

I love sober/drunk drama.

[Posted by StellaCadente on May 19, 2010]

Rofl xD Now this really makes me laugh! Especially the "I love you" part!

[Posted by Hashbrowns on May 19, 2010]

...so is this where *squish* comes in?
~giggle~ indeed. That girl is completely plastered. ROFL
I just hope she tries to pull something on Julian when he 'shows her the upstairs.' :P Here's to hoping!

[Posted by wapy (Guest) on May 19, 2010]

This is a true story :3

What people do when they're drunk is pure entertainment!

[Posted by ASP (Guest) on May 19, 2010]

lol, alcohol comedy FTW!! i remember while my parents were gone, my sister (18) got into the beer and called me @ 1:30 AM to tell me she was locked out of the house, lol

[Posted by Dragonicsoul on May 19, 2010]

Loving how Rosalyn O'Bayonetta calls the boys his sons. And in a manner of speaking, she's right.

[Posted by GoldenGal42 on May 19, 2010]

True loves has many forms. Alcohol is there to help, hinder and make the whole thing funny.

[Posted by Mike (Guest) on May 19, 2010]

Haha. this reminds me of a quote from Buffy.
Spike: If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually there it would've been like Woodstock. I was at Woodstock. I fed off a flower person and I spent six hours watching my hand move.

Second hand intoxication is always fun

[Posted by RadicalTrain on May 19, 2010]

I disagree, I hate being the only sober person, but that's how it goes.

*claps* [Posted by LilyFire on May 19, 2010]

Heh, good solid humor in beautiful color.
I'll euphemism when I"m more awake.

[Posted by Kalakcha (Guest) on May 19, 2010]

Seeing Darrel's reaction make me wonder who's the real drunk...

[Posted by MariiSpoon on May 19, 2010]

nya being the only sober person kinda sucks sometimes--
fanservice BL! wooo, thanks~ <3

Darell... [Posted by LilyFire on May 19, 2010]

Yes, honey. He did bring a girl home.

My best guess as to that reaction is probably that he'd sort of filed Julian under "dad-ish" Bringing girls home is not traditionally in that file.

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on May 19, 2010]

I have been the only sober person before.
And it is the funniest thing. XD

"DARRELL." "YES??" "...I LOVE YOU." LMAO Awesome.

[Posted by LegolianM on May 19, 2010]

It's ~Guy Love~
That's all it is
~Guy Love~
He's mine, I'm his
There's nothing gay about it in our eyes

You ask me 'bout this thing we share,
And he tenderly replies -
It's ~Guy Love~
Between two guys.

[Posted by Lasse on May 19, 2010]

scrubs is da king

Bob Kelso;
Men don't faint, we take unintended decisive naps

thought it kinda fit here xD

[Posted by Lasse on May 19, 2010]

and I look forward to all the fanart which are gonna be inspired here. ^^

[Posted by Maiumaora on May 19, 2010]

oh darrel, you amuse me so~ xD

scorpions! [Posted by Hisuikirei on May 19, 2010]

I wonder if those ppl on tv made it through the scorpion pool alive! I'd like to see that! XD
probably not the string bikini's tho...
but Darrell's lack of interest in the tele makes me wonder if the contestants were "meh" or just the show was that ridiculously stupid...

edit: oh wait... thats on the next episode! DAMN! gotta wait a week!

omg julian brought rosalyn home!
i somehow get a small feeling that something bad is going to happen soon. I dont know why...
I wonder how Becca will take to the new visitor

[Posted by Dewfall (Guest) on May 19, 2010]

Darrell, is that all you can say? XD
...Must. Make. Fan Art.
Do girls in general disturb Darrell? I wonder how he will react when Julian and Rosalyn are upstairs...drunk. >.<
Julian better not take advantage of her! )-:<

[Posted by chibi-kiki on May 19, 2010]

lol. simply epic XD i wonder what becca thinks of this >_> xD

[Posted by CaptPerspicuity on May 20, 2010]

Oh, Taylor. *grins and shakes head* Gotta love the drunk people :oD

Ha [Posted by Lissy (Guest) on May 20, 2010]

I bet Taylor won't even remember this tomorrow, lol.

[Posted by Tengu-Goddess on May 20, 2010]

Okay...being a yaoi fangirl I just have to say (this REALLY surprised me) I like the no bl rule :D
And I, of course, LOVE DRUNK PEOPLE!!! XD

[Posted by Ayne on May 20, 2010]

I wonder what Darrell meant when he said that last reply... Could it have been:

a)- "Julian brought a girl home! Omg the opposite sex!" :o

or b)- "Julian brought a girl home! What are YOU doing with your half death Taylor?! Get your act together and start providing for this household!" D:<

... I dunno ._.

[Posted by Bubblesita on May 21, 2010]

Julian better take advantage of her 8D I do love those sexual noises coming from the bedroom.

I love watching drunk people and being one of those drunk people. It's amaaaazing. So funny. This one time my friend was so drunk she could barely stumble outside for a smoke. Then when she sat down in the rolly chair she slid back and fell off xD

Oooooh good times, good times.

[Posted by IBakaChan on June 22, 2010]


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