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76 - Hey Jude May 14, 2010
Average rating: 4.33

[Posted by LegolianM on May 13, 2010]

I wouldn't mind hanging out with Kiv. He seems like a fun guy.

Little backstory here. One of my friends - actually the inspiration for Rosalyn - really wants to name her first son Julian so that she can call him Jude, like "Hey Jude". I think this is silly - Jude isn't even a real nickname for Julian, the kid's gonna wind up hating the song, etc. - but what can you do. Other than put it in a webcomic.

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on May 14, 2010]

Pfff. Awkward turtle! XD

And you were right. It IS a better song to have stuck in the head.

Ooh Color! (a little late to comment on that one...) [Posted by ExeCUTE (Guest) on May 14, 2010]

Kiv sounds awesome, though I do question his short choice. My screen is on the least bright setting and it STILL hurt my eyes!
Though that might be because of the coffee shortage.

awesome! [Posted by Hisuikirei on May 14, 2010]

hahaha julian not a fan of the beatles?
they sure look good together

[Posted by ASP (Guest) on May 14, 2010]

hey, i have a cat named Jude

X3 [Posted by Rio210 on May 14, 2010]

Excuse me while I drool. -grabs a mop-

[Posted by Dewfall (Guest) on May 14, 2010]

lolz. Kind of awkward there...

what a coincidence... [Posted by Lissy (Guest) on May 15, 2010]

I started reading this because my boyfriend's name is Julian. The funny thing is that he calls me Rose, which is my middle name. Except we don't look like those two. Oh well.

[Posted by sharpilyteeth on May 15, 2010]

i KNEW she would have "rose" in her name somewhere.

what a coincidence... [Posted by ñoño2010 (Guest) on May 15, 2010]

go figure I have a girlfriend named Rose also! :D
slightly similar... with the exception of that boots, I wonder if this Rosalyn is a wannabe vampire like...? oh well :P

Hmmm [Posted by LilyFire on May 15, 2010]

It seems her back might get tired soon in that position. But still sexy as hell.

The worst thing to do with "Hey Jude"?
Karaoke with the huge long chain of "nah nah Hey Jude" at the end.

[Posted by Ayne on May 15, 2010]

Lovin' the Hawaiian shirt ;3

Hey, she's not drinking her Bloody Mary D:

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