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75 - Easy Men May 12, 2010
Average rating: 5.00

[Posted by LegolianM on May 11, 2010]


There's some old timey historical Julian over on my deviantArt, in case you're interested. I'm also taking commissions; you can find out more about that here!

[Posted by Advertisement on November 20, 2019]


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[Posted by sakurasaki92 on May 12, 2010]

Oh my.....

[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on May 12, 2010]

...and suddenly I don't like Ms. Boobs anymore. >_> *hiss*

Historical Julian, though? Oooo :3 I likes.

[Posted by booisl33t on May 12, 2010]

so after a person becomes a dour, do their hair and nails still grow, or are ya stuck with the way you looked when you were turned?

[Posted by Jazeki on May 12, 2010]

Guess he still falls under the easy category. Like her boots by the way.

[Posted by GoldenGal42 (Guest) on May 12, 2010]

She's pretty easy herself.

I wonder what happens when I daur/dour (...) tries to kill another do-... thing. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

[Posted by Lord Ral (Guest) on May 12, 2010]

* licks old timey Julian* he tastes good!!* grabs him and drags him off*

[Posted by Dragonicsoul on May 12, 2010]

Booby McBoobenstein is now known as Slutzilla. May violence and bloodyness commence.

Hey [Posted by LilyFire on May 12, 2010]

I happen to like Booby McBoobenstein. And her boots.

Honestly, I'd tap either one of them. Love the old timey Julian, and congrats on the enterprising attitude.

Whoa... [Posted by crymsm (Guest) on May 12, 2010]

All I can say is smexy....XD

>:D [Posted by godmoderncommander on May 12, 2010]


._. [Posted by Rio210 on May 12, 2010]

Uhm... Actually, for once, I don't know what to say... Booby McBoobenstein (as LilyFire so lovingly put it) Is rather... well, sexy. XD Oh gawd, did I just admit to swinging both ways?!

lol [Posted by ASP (Guest) on May 12, 2010]

this is ironic, she's probably a vampire, judging from Julian going gaga for her and her ordering a "BLOODY Mary", and yet she wears a cross, which (according to most classic vampire myths) is supposed to injure vampires just by being w/in 10 feet of them

[Posted by ER (Guest) on May 12, 2010]

Huh any significance to the magically appearing mark under their eyes?

[Posted by booisl33t on May 12, 2010]

@ER (guest)
i'm pretty sure that's just shading/highlighting to denote cheekbones

[Posted by Maiumaora on May 12, 2010]

oh my~ lol

i see they know that eachother are vampires >__>(forgot the word >.<)

either that or you've made the wording ambiguous to fuck with us/julian

Swingin' [Posted by LilyFire on May 12, 2010]

Rio - There's nothing wrong with a little swinging. ^_^
Every straight person I know has a very short list of people they might swing the other way for once.

ASP - I'm fairly certain religion isn't a part of the Duoar science mythyness.

and yeah, that's just shading.

[Posted by Dewfall (Guest) on May 12, 2010]

Very interesting...^.^

>.> [Posted by Lord Ral (Guest) on May 13, 2010]

ill just be borrowing the both of them *grabs the female Daour(did i pell that right)and drags her into my room as well*

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on May 13, 2010]


[Posted by sharpilyteeth on May 15, 2010]

one of the sexiest things a woman can possibly do with her legs - SHE HAS IT.
also, "distract me"?
i've been won over. |:

julian, my man, you are totes GETTIN' SOME.

[Posted by number1animemangaluver on June 21, 2010]

Erm... All my respect for Julian as a responsible-guardian-type has just been eaten by Taco Man.

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