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74 - Ga Ga Ohh La La May 10, 2010
Average rating: 5.00

[Posted by LegolianM on May 9, 2010]

I actually think Lady Gaga is pretty cool. I just don't like how her songs take over my brain like a virus.

Speaking of music, this week's vote incentive was brought to you by German Industrial music and my listening to too much of it.

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[Posted by sakurasaki92 on May 10, 2010]

LOL he's so dense...

[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on May 10, 2010]

Tay's face in the "Boob senses are tingling!" panel looks like he's saying "Ugh, this beer tastes like piss!" Just sayin' >_>

Boooobs. I'm glad she's shown up~! :3

And I love the vote incentive. But then, I just love Darrell in general. XD;;; *pedo, apparently*

[Posted by RadicalTrain on May 10, 2010]

I. Am proud to say I've never heard a Lady Gaga song.
Nor do I plan to!
Beat the system. >D

[Posted by booisl33t on May 10, 2010]

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! you just got bad romance stuck in my head again!!!!!!!!!!
*stabs you with a spork*

[Posted by crimsoneyes on May 10, 2010]

oooo be that another vampire... i mean davorivekur??? :3

Ga ga..aaaaaah! [Posted by Meronivel (Guest) on May 10, 2010]

I have to agree with booisl33t.. song now stuck in brains, just from reading that title, and it awakens the urge to spork.

However, whatever one might think of the song itself, it seems to fit oddly well to the comic, and makes me curious about the 'bad romance' bit. Bad boy Julian, eh?

[Posted by Kiiouex on May 10, 2010]

It's true. Just from the title, that song's back in my brain X-x; You cruel person, you.

[Posted by thesirensings on May 10, 2010]

Psssh, that song's been stuck in my head for the past couple of days, all because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8PAuvxCZuM&playnext_from=TL&videos=BQ8RobDdbuI

Damn you, UofO, damn you. Why must you be so epic?

[Posted by Atomic dragon on May 10, 2010]

I have to agree with Taylor. It is evil

[Posted by Narcissistic Freak (Guest) on May 10, 2010]

but I love the comic and if you die the comic dies

Boobies [Posted by LilyFire on May 10, 2010]

Oh my god, that woman is built like Bayonetta! No wonder Julian must have her.

"Oh my god, a man as beautiful and pale as I am. I must have him!"

Anywho, big fan of Julian, and thus Julian's hook up. *cheers* (And my head is so full of Air Supply and Aqua there's no room for Ga Ga to take root)

[Posted by godmoderncommander on May 10, 2010]


'Story Time' or 'How i discovered Lady Gaga' [Posted by Taroku on May 10, 2010]

Okay, so i read the new page earlier today, and i think: "Hmm, Lady Gaga. I never heard her songs before, but maybe I'll give them a listen someday."

Then i saw this, and suddenly i understood what the fuss was about. It didn't help that it involved one of my fandoms:

[Posted by LegolianM on May 10, 2010]

Mwahaha you have all been infected by the Bad Romance Trojan. Should've had a better firewall installed.

Taroku - THAT. IS AWESOME. XDD LittleKuriboh is brilliant.

[Posted by Maiumaora on May 10, 2010]

I hate lady gaga too dude >__>

lol, Julian, you perv xD

[Posted by Ayne on May 10, 2010]

Why do I feel like people are bashing on Lady Gaga 'cause she's mainstream ;/

Anywho, yaaaaay femme fatale! :D
And you can tell that she's one by the way that she stands at the bar, but doesn't sit at it ;D

[Posted by chibi-kiki on May 10, 2010]

rum ra, room ra ahhh~ XD sorry... >w<

yay for booby senses! i love this page, and i'm glad you've introduced the new character :D

[Posted by Lin (Guest) on May 10, 2010]

Bad Romance is a fun song though...


lol [Posted by Hisuikirei on May 11, 2010]

WOOOT Julian score! XD

Ok i loved Broklyn rage to POker face but the leather pants is hilarious! XDDD
that other video with the guys performing bad romance was awesome too! XDD

[Posted by LilyFire on May 11, 2010]

Taroku: Nearly died of fangirlism. Hadn't seen that one yet.

Ayne: To an extent, you are absolutely correct. However since my first exposure was "just dance" I will never hate her.

Just saying. Better for discussion. ^_^

[Posted by Dewfall (Guest) on May 11, 2010]

Wait, Bloody Mary? So typical. XD Is that their code or something?
"Oh, I want a Bloody Mary."
"Again? You're the fifth one today."
"...By any chance, did the other people all have pale skin and emo looks?"

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on May 11, 2010]

FFF That was creepy. Before clicking on this webcomic I started humming "RAH RAH AH AH AH" and then see "Ga Ga Ohh La La"

OH LOL Julian and his boob senses.

GAH [Posted by Rio210 on May 12, 2010]

-.- And I'd just gotten that song out of my head, too.
I appreciate Julian's Boob sense. X3

Oooh, German Industrial... -runs off to see V.I.-

[Posted by sharpilyteeth on May 15, 2010]

bloody mary?
i c wut u did thar.

[Posted by number1animemangaluver on June 21, 2010]

Augh, my couz and I tried a Bloody Mary on an airliner once. We nearly puked after a sip, even though we read the friggin ingredients. It had garlic powder and vinegar in it. :|

AUGH [Posted by werekitty13 on December 1, 2010]

This comic is what got me to look up Bad Romance in the first place >.<
Now it's stuck in my head again
Plus my friends are evil and keep singing it to me...

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