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69 - Scrabble April 28, 2010
Average rating: 4.17

[Posted by LegolianM on April 27, 2010]

Ordered a Does Not Sparkle shirt yesterday so I can check out what they'll look like; if all goes well it should be available next week!

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on April 28, 2010]


That's all I can say.

[Posted by ExeCUTE (Guest) on April 28, 2010]

Yay, acceptance!
Love wins all. :3 Especially Becca love.

[Posted by Dragonicsoul on April 28, 2010]

The only remaining question is... who spelled out the really long word down the middle?

[Posted by Axel K (Guest) on April 28, 2010]

By the look on his face, Becca did~<3

-cough- [Posted by Rio210 on April 28, 2010]

YAY! It's strip 69. X3 ...Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed that...

[Posted by werekitty13 (Guest) on April 28, 2010]

I somehow get the idea that Becca is winning. Hm.

[Posted by kay osse on April 28, 2010]

i like your icon.

oh and last page: pfft theyre both ten year olds deep inside, where it really counts. lets gloss over how many years have passed since they were both born...

[Posted by LegolianM on April 29, 2010]

Dragonicsoul - Probably Darrell. XD Unless he let her make up a word.

Rio210 - There's a special connection between strip and strip number on this one, but I'm not sure many will catch it.

werekitty - Darrell would forever claim that he let her win.

[Posted by ASP (Guest) on April 29, 2010]

WHOA!!!, a 16-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl bonding on page 69, that's really perverted dude. oh well, not gonna ruin this comic for me

[Posted by LegolianM on April 29, 2010]

ASP - That is sooo not the right connection, but I can see how you got there.

[Posted by ExeCUTE (Guest) on April 29, 2010]

69 word score?
Comment above... Ace moment :D

[Posted by LegolianM on April 29, 2010]

ExeCUTE - Yeah that was definitely an Ace moment. XDD And dude - it's comic 69 and they're playing Scrabble. How much more asexy can you get?

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