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61 - Man's Best Friend is Ebay April 5, 2010
Average rating: 5.00

[Posted by LegolianM on April 4, 2010]

I guess I should mention that this didn't occur overnight. At some point during last week's strips the characters ceased to be in November and caught up with current time, so Taylor's had months to rebuild. This will happen sometimes.

New vote incentive! The Cast page has also been updated.

Also, I've gotten a lot of comments asking whether or not the "Does Not Sparkle" shirt will be made a reality. Providing there's enough demand for it, I'd love to make them!

[Posted by Advertisement on November 20, 2019]


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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on April 5, 2010]

Pfff. Oh, Naruto. *chuckles*

[Posted by SPDark on April 5, 2010]

Screw anime, manga is the way to go!

[Posted by Ice (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

I'm doing science and I'm still alive.

[Posted by Wizard (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

the cake is lie.

[Posted by MythLover on April 5, 2010]

I used to watch Naruto....
I fell in love with Gaara for a while...

[Posted by StaplersAreFun (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

just had to ask is that Cloud from Final Fantasy in the first panel at the bottom?

[Posted by Jazeki on April 5, 2010]

I would buy the shirt. And I was into Naruto for a while, but then quickly grew out of it.

[Posted by justicewench on April 5, 2010]

props for the portal reference. My favour

[Posted by justicewench on April 5, 2010]

...whoops. to continue...

ite shirt so far is "...uh oh"

[Posted by GoldenGal42 on April 5, 2010]

:O Don't diss Naruto... even though the latest chapter has bordered on the ridiculous. *rolls eyes*
You must have had some pretty lousy pets to think eBay is your best friends. :P *cuddles cat*

Heh [Posted by LilyFire on April 5, 2010]

Naruto, never my favorite. Ran after the first three books, but I hear the later stuff's not too bad.

And what does his age have to do with it? I have highschool friends WAY freaking into Naruto...

Vote Incentive: O_o that seems very wrong to me.

Shirts [Posted by Rio210 on April 5, 2010]

That would be an awesome shirt. Oooh, Is that a Cloud Figurine I see? X3

...I haven't been into Naruto since I was... Eleven?

[Posted by Lucrezia on April 5, 2010]

SPDark, I totally agree with you~! Manga ftw!

Also, I notice the "cast" page has been updated, and I love it! <3 Becca has her own section. And yes, Darrell's always in trouble~ <3

[Posted by Kalpana (Guest) on April 5, 2010]


[Posted by Atomic dragon on April 5, 2010]

More anime is much much more mature, what with all the hentai and what not. that stuff is viewed by little kids. Damn the Japaneses fucking rule.

[Posted by *Link (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

...wat. Naruto? Pft.

[Posted by Deadly-poet on April 5, 2010]

Love the new cast page and Taylor's shirt. I want.

[Posted by p. observer (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

i prefer the gory stuff like
RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~
also portal (and irony) FTW!

[Posted by Dewfall (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

Lol. Looking at the vote incentive, I'm glad that Julian shaves. :)

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on April 5, 2010]

If you make the "Does Not Sparkle" shirt...I will HAVE to buy that.

LMAO. Naruto.

[Posted by Fluff (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

LOL I love the comments today! ALSO <3 all the shirts :3 if you make them i'd support you! <3

[Posted by Caelean (Guest) on April 5, 2010]

Lol, Naruto? Dang, I haven't watched that in ages. I used to watch it when Anime and Manga weren't as mainstream. Now I just read and watch things that wouldn't normally get the public eye as much.

[Posted by LegolianM on April 5, 2010]

SPDark - I and my manga collection agree with you. XD

punk_epitaph - Wow, now THAT's a compliment! QC is one of my favorite comics.

StaplersAreFun - It is indeed Cloud!

GoldenGal - Not dissing it! Just poking fun at it. XD

LilyFire - High school teens being into Naruto was sorta the point.

dragonmaiden - It kinda is. XD

Rio - Yep, that's Cloud!

Dewfall - Julian is quite glad that it's easier to shave nowadays...!

[Posted by jade16oni on April 5, 2010]

lol, I like Naruto Thank you VERY much! Gaara is awesome though the dubbed anime sucks, manga 4 EVA! ;P

[Posted by Hashbrowns on April 6, 2010]

this. so. reminds me. of. my. BROTHERS!!!!
ur nerdy geekness is leaking out of my laptop, Taylor... *GLOMP* ur ahhmazzing!

[Posted by werekitty (Guest) on April 6, 2010]

Absolutelly LOVE the shirts.

[Posted by godmoderncommander on April 6, 2010]

Fan # 300 right here!! Damn this comic is good. Just be sure to keep that promise of no gay guys in this comic though.

[Posted by sharpilyteeth on April 9, 2010]

i effing love taylor.

hmm... i'm wondering if he & darrell will ever start feeling weird about being unable to age. that would be an interesting dynamic. :)

[Posted by Cursed-Kitten on April 22, 2010]

...I like Naruto...

Yup [Posted by Katy on May 26, 2010]

I'm with you, Kalpana - kids today have no idea what quality is. Back in MY day we had the Lone Ranger and Tarzan. When I was a kid, I played the Lone Ranger when I was riding, or Tarzan when I was in the barn swinging on the rope. Sometimes when I had a friend over, one of us would get up on a saddle tree and be the Lone Ranger and the other would swing on the rope and be Tarzan. Yep, those were the good old days - none of this manga nonsense ... good old American entertainment!! :-)

Then again, once I discovered vampires, I was lost ... hehe.

[Posted by number1animemangaluver on June 21, 2010]

Heh, Naruto. Dattebayo!

[Posted by Fang Shinobi on September 3, 2010]

I haven't grown out of Naruto. Almost five years now. FIVE YEARS. I prefer the manga to the anime though. Won't be stopping anytime soon lol. Yay Naruto geekery!

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