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54 - The God Topic March 19, 2010
Average rating: 5.00

[Posted by LegolianM on March 18, 2010]

This isn't meant to be offensive. I figure any world that contains vampires that aren't demon possessed creatures who fear crucifixes isn't a world where a god makes sense.

Next comic is back to B&W again, and we're staying that way for a while! This run of colored pages wore me out.

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on March 19, 2010]

Becca = Fwooosh~! Seems like she was fun to draw in this one. All over the place! Is she playing with Tay's hair in panel 3?

....*loves her*

...oh, and Julian's commentary is awesome, too. XD Of course.

[Posted by BK_1/VGKid on March 19, 2010]

darn no more color D:
Yes perfect dad~

[Posted by booisl33t on March 19, 2010]

hehe, she's playing with their hair

[Posted by Atomic dragon on March 19, 2010]

Reminds me so much of many many scifi movies... I need to get out more

[Posted by StellaCadente on March 19, 2010]

It's a good standpoint the one about the souls equality. I most definitely approve.
I love it how U made the ghost float around and toy with they hair etc. It's so cute!

[Posted by sharpilyteeth on March 19, 2010]

looks like becca's been laying into some ghostly pixie sticks. c:

[Posted by Charoi on March 19, 2010]

She seems to like playing with peoples hair (no wonder some people freaked out) ^^

[Posted by Lissy (Guest) on March 19, 2010]

I'll take this as non-offensively as it is meant. I would probably prefer a story which is able to reflect on God and morality in a deeper way, but this is your tale to tell, not mine. I'd just like to say, for the record, that I don't really subscribe to the separation of soul and body. I am more of the view that soul is self, thus body + spirit = soul. I guess I interpret your half-death idea as that they are missing part of their spirit. That would account for the lack of empathy for those they kill, and that they can sneak up on people because their presence can't be sensed. It could be said that the missing part of their spirits is "on the other side" which gives them the ability to interact with those that are already dead, but that is assuming the view that there is another "side." It also makes sense to me that Becca can't talk. She doesn't have a body at all; only her spirit or personality is left.

[Posted by Blueking on March 19, 2010]

She's so adorable.

heh [Posted by Hashbrowns (Guest) on March 20, 2010]

She's so cUtE!! :) this is very entertaining to read. for a genre... u've got me there. i'd say that this is a comic, but it most definitely has it's roots in manga.

[Posted by DEATH TO ZOMBIES on March 20, 2010]

she is cute very cute and i like how she is playing with their hair its cute :3
and i just got confused on the highest degree

....OMG PIECING THINGS TOGETHER. [Posted by dark kitten (Guest) on March 20, 2010]

First off, I FREAKING LOVE THIS COMIC. Sing praises of the highest sorts to someone who is kicking all sorts of sterotypes in the head. They need it.

Second.... I re-read through all the archives.... and I think I know why Darrell's freaking out about the ghost, about why Taylor's his responsibility and why Julian feels so responsible for him. Not just for the "father" shtick.

Don't know that I want to blab it out yet though, I wanna sit back to see if I'm right.


[Posted by LegolianM on March 20, 2010]

Lissy - I'd prefer to stay away from the deeper areas concerning God; this right here is probably about as far as I'll open that can of worms. You're right though concerning their lack of empathy being connected to the state of their souls.

Hashbrowns - Welcome to the fun world of "I don't know what the hell to call this comic". XD Thank you for the comment!

dark kitten - Oh ho ho, good luck figuring things out! And thanks for the awesome comment!

Thanks to everyone else as well!

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on March 20, 2010]

LOL Becca is so amusing to watch.

[Posted by fluff (Guest) on March 21, 2010]

though wouldnt the world be swarming with souls? it would make sense that there'd be some sort of soul keeper yea?

[Posted by LegolianM on March 21, 2010]

fluff - The world IS swarming with spirits, but their reality is completely different from that of regular people. Trying to keep them organized would be like trying to tell air what it's allowed to do.

H.P. Lovecraft :D [Posted by Ayne on March 23, 2010]

@fluff/LegolianM - That little conversation greatly reminds me of a short story by H.P. Lovecraft called 'From Beyond'.

Basically it explains that every inch of space that isn't occupied by an object, living or otherwise, is filled with creepy alien thingies that we can't see. Makes you wonder D:

[Posted by Aurora Wolfe on April 19, 2010]

I Love That Last Quote :L "Well Thats A Kick In The Nuts To Religion" :L

Okay sure fine [Posted by Giras the Ebil on June 16, 2010]

Lets just leave religion out of it. Just a story. >.>

[Posted by AsianIdiot16 on October 26, 2012]

Becca is so cute! Playing with julian's hair like that!

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