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47 - Way To Look Cool March 3, 2010
Average rating: 4.83

[Posted by LegolianM on March 2, 2010]

Darrell Wilkinson - teenage rolemodel. Except not.

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on March 3, 2010]

Bahahahaha! But not okay. SO not okay.

Why am I laughing? Ohhh, I'm a horrible person. XD

[Posted by deserthare on March 3, 2010]

smoking is not for everyone lol

[Posted by BK_1/VGKid on March 3, 2010]

damns if only i was there i'd take the cigs XD had 2 dreams of me smoking oooooh how i'd loved it XD. He's such a light weight.

LegolianM:lol that sucks i don't even look my age so i dunno why they don't ask XD
i did get asked for my ID when i was buying mins for my phone Why? I HAVE NO IDEA! I CAN'T SMOKE IT! CAN'T SNIFF IT! WTH CAN I DO ILLEGAL WITH IT?! thanks to that lady lost my ID and had to go get a new one one D:< waste of money. *all ID related things over*

[Posted by ExeCUTE (Guest) on March 3, 2010]

I hate it how certain people ca actually smoke first-time and not look like an idiot. It's so much funnier if people show themselves up. :P

[Posted by ract on March 3, 2010]

AHAHAHAHAH Ahahaha! Lol this made me smile, I can't stand smoking. Here's to trying new things, Darrell!!

[Posted by drunkenpencil on March 3, 2010]

I just pictured him getting assaulted by angry mothers a second later.

[Posted by Jazeki on March 3, 2010]

"And that, Steve, is why I started smoking..."

That poor kid probably grows up to have lung cancer. XD

[Posted by Maiumaora on March 3, 2010]

his face in the 3rd panel makes him look like he's about to have an epiphany XD

[Posted by Dewfall (Guest) on March 3, 2010]

The poor kid. Don't give into peer pressure! >.< I hope his parents are near...

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on March 3, 2010]

LMAO No cancer for you.

[Posted by pride1289 on March 3, 2010]

He's gunna end up buying more for himself or taking his friends or something <3

Good luck to the kid who just got his smokes.

[Posted by Fluff (Guest) on March 4, 2010]

Jazeki: if they are in LA, the kid would get lung cancer regardless if he smoked or not D:

but if Darrel had a fake id... WHY would he get smokes and NOT RUM!????

[Posted by Lucrezia on March 4, 2010]

My first reaction when I tried smoking: That's it? How...boring.

I don't smoke now, by the way, lol. Alcohol however....

[Posted by Ayne on March 4, 2010]

D'aww! ^^
What Darrell needs is some peer pressure.

I wonder... was this on his bucket list? Is he still even aloud to have a bucket list at this point?

[Posted by LegolianM on March 4, 2010]

Thanks for the comments! XD I do not support the giving of tobacco to minors, but my characters are rather lacking in morals.

Dewfall - I can see the kid running over to his mom like "Mommy, look what the nice stranger gave me!" and her having a heart attack.

Fluff - Because smokes were more hilarious. XD

Ayne - He has a bucket list, except now it's "What I wish I'd experienced before I kicked the bucket".

Looking for Waffle M... [Posted by AVENite (Guest) on March 4, 2010]

I think this will only make sense if it was the author who linked me to this through the AVEN forums. If not, well... Awkward...

[Posted by LegolianM on March 4, 2010]

AVENite - I am indeed the Waffle of which you speak! Greetings!

Pain [Posted by Lin (Guest) on April 19, 2010]

I tried smoking once, felt like breathing needles. Dunno what the attraction is. >'.'<

[Posted by sakurasaki92 on May 5, 2010]

LAWL omg! why would he give the ciggs to a random kid? XDD

[Posted by Lasse on May 19, 2010]


[Posted by Lasse on May 19, 2010]

hehe, I got 2 bucks of my friend when I agreed to smoke 5 cigs at the same time for my first time. probably wasn't much worse than just one, but that didn't stop me from coughing like hell. xD

Various [Posted by Katy on May 26, 2010]

#1: you have to be 21 to get cigarettes in LA? Seriously? It's 18 in most of the rest of the country.
#2: Weird things I've been carded for buying: lighters; lighter fluid; Primotene Mist (for my occasional asthma episodes)
#3: Most annoying carding experience: went into a bar with two friends - one who was two years YOUNGER than I (I was 29 at the time) and I was the ONLY one that got carded - and the guy took forever looking at my card, like he expected it to be fake. The annoying thing? This was BEFORE we ordered, and all I wanted was a club soda ... !!

No Way Dude, He's Only Like, 9 [Posted by I'm Actually A Resident not a (Guest) on June 19, 2010]

The sad part about this event is that I was following the kid for two hours before it happened. In the brief time I'd been tailing him he had smoked through two packs.

[Posted by number1animemangaluver on June 21, 2010]

Darrell, you juvenile delinquint! First, dropping out of high school, now THIS?

[Posted by Fang Shinobi on September 3, 2010]

Now that smoking can't kill him anymore, he still can't do it.

[Posted by pwii on November 26, 2010]


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