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43 - You Are Not Spiderman February 22, 2010
Average rating: 4.71

[Posted by LegolianM on February 21, 2010]

This is without a doubt my favorite comic to date.

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on February 22, 2010]

Pwned again. Ouch.


(I like this one, too! Definitely a spiderman moment of fail)

[Posted by booisl33t on February 22, 2010]

every time i see the "IT'S" t-shirt my mind tacks-on "monty python's flying circus"

xD [Posted by Fluff (Guest) on February 22, 2010]

Finally a crucial reality hit to the fictional universe.

[Posted by Jazeki on February 22, 2010]

Maybe he should have tried an easier fictional super power first.

i finaly bothed to do a coment -_-;;; [Posted by arami (Guest) on February 22, 2010]

ha ha nice, i love how well you drew it. your ARE geting better at drawing

p.s. i like his shoes :D!

Yep, It's fictional... [Posted by Taroku on February 22, 2010]

Okay, this page just became my favorite xD

[Posted by p. observer (Guest) on February 22, 2010]

are his ears getting pointier or am i imagining things?

[Posted by StellaCadente on February 22, 2010]

haha! He tried to climb up the wall! xD It made my day!

[Posted by BK_1/VGKid on February 22, 2010]

damn those vampires books of lies!

*snort* [Posted by FR (Guest) on February 22, 2010]

Silly Taylor. XD

If I go crazy [Posted by thausgt on February 22, 2010]

... would you still call me... uh, "Vampire-Man"?
But seriously, I can see that the famed monstrous agility and speed and all that take a while to kick in. Looking forward to that, especially if our heroes actually make it to ComiCon.

[Posted by GoldenGal42 on February 22, 2010]

Heheh. *nibbles on cookie*

[Posted by ExeCUTE (Guest) on February 22, 2010]

And this is deserving of colour?
Just joking, It totally is.

[Posted by LegolianM on February 22, 2010]

Feathers - I should change his bio to just "Taylor J. Krauss: PWNED."

booisl33t - That's exactly what it's supposed to do!

Fluff - Oh yes!

Jazeki - Yeah, I imagine some of the others would have been less painful, but also less fun to draw.

arami - Thank you, I'm glad to hear that! I like his shoes too, I have a pair.

Taroku - Yeah it's gonna be hard to beat this page.

p. observer - Uhhh, they might be. It's just the way I draw ears though, they aren't actually becoming pointed.

StellaCadente - XD Thanks!

BK_1/VGKid - Seriously!

FR - XD I'd have probably tried the same thing but in a less neck breaking way.

thausgt - They should, or at least Taylor should!

GoldenGal - XD

ExeCUTE - Oh it couldn't have been done any other way.

[Posted by StupidSceneKid on February 22, 2010]

fail.... D:

[Posted by Bree333888 on February 22, 2010]

Don't worry. I would've done the same thing. D:

[Posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on February 22, 2010]

And LMAO...I'd do the same thing.
You draw very nice shoes!

[Posted by Lucrezia on February 22, 2010]

This means plot, right?! Colour?! *starts dissecting every layer of panel*

[Posted by drunkenpencil on February 24, 2010]

Panel seven rocks my world.

[Posted by Lin (Guest) on April 28, 2010]

But at least the mouse came to see if he was ok. >^.^<

RATTIES!!! [Posted by Katy on May 25, 2010]

Awwww - aren't they so CUTE!!?? I <3 ratties - they're the bestest pet ever next to my kitty (but don't tell my kitty that, he'll get jealous).

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