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32 - Internet Anonymity January 27, 2010
Average rating: 4.11

[Posted by LegolianM on January 26, 2010]

Psh, who needs real life friends and family anyways.

Edit: To any AVENites who've found me here - I totally, absolutely, 100% swear the screenname is a coincidence!

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[Posted by TheBlackFeathers on January 27, 2010]

PONYTAIL. Omg it looks so silly.

...and wtf Wingman89. You fail hardcore. XD

[Posted by booisl33t on January 27, 2010]

i luv you

:D [Posted by ExeCUTE (Guest) on January 27, 2010]

Random Dent!

[Posted by StellaCadente on January 27, 2010]

Haha! That's good! Yup... net is to good to be true hehe... I made like 4 fine friends in total in my life and I've got a bunch of them on the web.

[Posted by LegolianM on January 27, 2010]

Feathers - Anyone with that screenname is going to fail majorly. XD

booisl33t - I luv you too. <3

ExeCUTE - Haha you know, I actually had this whole strip finished before I remembered them! I had a sort of "Oh... oh whoops" reaction but then decided to leave it. XD

StellaCadente - Thank you! Yeah, internet friends are the best. I've met some of my best friends online.

[Posted by blix (Guest) on January 27, 2010]

I like that he says "real world" while existing as an undead in a work of fiction.

[Posted by IBakaChan on January 27, 2010]



[Posted by Gerbz (Guest) on January 27, 2010]

OH MY GAWD. I lol'd pretty hard. I hope he plays World of Warcraft...then we could raid together and he could play an Undead and everything!.... XD *supah nerd!*

[Posted by GoldenGal42 on January 27, 2010]

*followed you from AVEN*
*raises eyebrows twice*

*didn't realise Ecu was on here too* o-O

Anywaddle, I love how he's staying in the exact same position throughout the explanation. :P

[Posted by ammy55(lazy not guest) (Guest) on January 27, 2010]

YAY hitchhikers guide reference win!

[Posted by Guest on January 27, 2010]

Hurray for internet friends! <XD

[Posted by kay osse on January 27, 2010]

that screen name was a coincidence? so your SURE you didn't read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?

[Posted by LegolianM on January 27, 2010]

blix - It's real to him!

BakaChan - It... it was actually fun to type like that for once. XD;

Gerbz - He would TOTALLY go on WoW raids with you!! XD

GoldenGal - Ohh cool, I didn't know you were from AVEN! And yeah, it kinda shows just how little you actually move when you're on the computer.

ammy55 - Heck yes!

Guest - Hurray indeed!

kay osse - Ah no, Hitchhiker's Guide is like my favorite book ever. XD There's just a member on a forum I go to with that screenname, I completely forgot about it until after I'd finished the strip.

[Posted by Lucrezia (Guest) on January 27, 2010]

I really, really, reaaaally want to know what the rest of his T-shirt says. xD

My guess: "It's...alive!" Which would be funny for him to be wearing such a shirt.

[Posted by LegolianM on January 28, 2010]

Lucrezia - Maybe if you're lucky, I might show the rest some day. XD

[Posted by THERandomDent (Guest) on January 28, 2010]

Holy foshizzle, is that meant to be me? Am I internet-famous? Am I going to be on Trisha? *squeal*

[Posted by LegolianM on January 28, 2010]

RandomDent - XDD I so want Taylor to find AVEN now, try to make an account, and be like "Oh no, my usual screen name is taken!"

[Posted by THERandomDent (Guest) on January 28, 2010]

Maybe I am Taylor...


[Posted by LegolianM on January 28, 2010]

RandomDent - O: OMG.

[Posted by Ayne on February 1, 2010]

"It's..."... Monty Python's Flying Circus? :D

[Posted by LegolianM on February 1, 2010]


[Posted by Sciera on February 1, 2010]

Lol xDD
Yes, who needs real life ;)

But how did you manage to steal my idea? In a original story of me (which I haven't written down yet...) there is a character who becomes a demon and also often surfs anonymous the internet to talk with people without being recognized as a demon xD

[Posted by LegolianM on February 1, 2010]

Sciera - If you ever do that, your character and Taylor need to randomly meet online and like, become bffs without ever knowing the other's true identity. XD

[Posted by Ayne on February 2, 2010]

Yay! :3

[Posted by Sciera on February 3, 2010]

@LegolianM: xD Great idea, I'll think about it, now that I have you permission to use Taylor for that ;)
And if I'll ever publish the story (and translate it into English...) I'll let you know xD ^^

[Posted by Hyde_n_Psyc on May 19, 2010]

The BEST part about this comic is that if it ever actually happened, nobody would be able to tell the difference. God bless the Internet. :V

[Posted by Annalyn on May 24, 2011]

I love that he's a geek. It's easy to relate to.

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