Half Death
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1 - Bacardi 151 November 3, 2009
Average rating: 4.88

[Posted by LegolianM on November 2, 2009]

This page is what got me to finally do this comic. I've always wanted to draw someone waking up in a morgue with little to no explanation.

Remember kids - alcohol is bad for you!

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So it begins...! [Posted by RZ (Guest) on November 3, 2009]

8D Sweet~! First page...! :3

Omg toe tag [Posted by Feathers (Guest) on November 3, 2009]

Is it bad that I was really excited his toe tag was like "Whee, I'm a toe flag look at me!" 'Cause I totally was. Though, that could be the sleep deprivation playing with my braaaaiiin. Mmm...brain...

8D [Posted by Munnie on November 4, 2009]

Oh so is this what you've been working on, Rego? 8D Yes, needs more updates please! Wah, love tge panel with the eyes. If I woke up in a morgue especially if I were in one of those cabinets i'd probably poo myself lol then think 'Damn... it's cold!' *waits for an update*

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