Half Death
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Taylor J. Krauss
Taylor J. Krauss
Age: 23
Real Age: 24
Likes: Anime, video games
Might Be: An alcoholic
First Appearance: Bacardi 151
Julian Stroud
Julian Stroud
Age: 26
Real Age: 438
Likes: The occult, people watching
Might Be: Up to something
First Appearance: Peachy Keen
Darrell Wilkinson
Darrell T. Wilkinson
Age: 16
Real Age: 16
Likes: Nu Metal, girls
Might Be: In deep trouble
First Appearance: Toe Tag

Age: ???
Likes: You for dinner
Might Be: Dead
First Appearance: Zombies
Rebecca, "Becca"
Age: 10
Real Age: 25
Likes: Dauors
Might Be: Hiding in your closet
First Appearance: Phantom Of The Closet

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