Half Death
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Half Death is a comic that kinda straddles the lines of a few different genres. It's part manga, part comic strip, a good amount of geeky and a whole lotta supernatural. There's a little bit of zombie and quite a bit of vampire (though they don't consider themselves to be such) and there may be some magic in the future. It's silly and ridiculous, but also bloody and disturbing at times, and probably a bit profane.

In essence, yes it's another comic about dead people, but it only takes itself half seriously.


Name: S.G. McKeithen
Goes By: LegolianM or just Lego
Location: Northstate California
Likes: Insects, novels, sci fi, shounen and seinen manga, anything made by Tim Burton.
Dislikes: Excessive romance, gender stereotypes, rap and country music.

I started working on this comic for two main reasons - I'm unemployed, and I'm out of practice drawing with a pencil and paper. I wanted to improve my art and give myself something to do, and a webcomic seemed like a good way to do it.

I'll be doing my best to update this comic on schedule, however I am notoriously lazy so please forgive me if I'm late now and then!


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